Rabu, 11 Mei 2016

The Beautiful Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

Like Angelina Jolie before her, Megan Fox is also a constant focus of lip augmentation and breast augmentation rumors. The idea that no woman could look that good naturally hardly serves as its own evidence, but photos do seem to indicate considerable enhancements in Megan’s lips and breasts over the past few years. Of course, like Angelina, Megan fox had plastic surgery for either of these areas, and considering her youth, there is little reason to doubt the possibility that she is the real deal. Late blooming is a perfectly reasonable explanation in Fox’s case. It’s true that many actresses turn to plastic surgery for an upper hand on getting their first break, but trends don’t prove an individual case any more than some questionable photos do. 
As far as a nose job goes, the best side-by-side evidence I could find is in the photo above. I think it is pretty clear that something is different between those two Fox schnozes – it looks as though she had the tip shaved and the bump in the bridge smoothed out. (With these two images I just don’t see how you can debate whether or not she’s had plastic surgery done to her nose, but feel free to disagree in the comments below!)

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